Monday, July 1, 2013


So for several years I have been working on a quilt for my bedroom. I finally finished it several months ago and finally found some other bedding to go with it. The pattern is called "Meet Me In Paris" by Jonna Lee who had a quilt shop in Panguitch, Utah. It has since closed. Bought it as a kit at the annual Henderson Quilt Show several years ago. (Won't say how many). Well at least I finally finished it. One UFO down!
Meet Me in Paris
Up Close Picture
I love how it was quilted! I had Connie Biase in Parowan, Utah quilt it. She did a great job. She outlined every fan so it puffs up. She does a great job. I need to get some more of my UFO's done so I can take her some more quilts this summer.
This has inspired me to get more sewing done! Next post project is already finished. Stay tuned!

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