Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Circle Quilt

Here is the Circle quilt I did for our "Bonnie & Camille" challenge at the LV Modern Quilt Guild. I don't think of myself as a Modern quilter but I am trying to design more modern. With my favorite fabrics I was so excited to come up with something fun.
I seen a Circle quilt on a modern blog and decided I wanted to make one. I thought it would be something a little different.
I started with cutting out my squares which I did on the Go Cutter. I think it would be easier if you used Charm packs. I had a lot of these fabrics so I cut them myself.
I ended up sewing a square 54X54 and then cut it down.
I couldn't find on the web anywhere where it tells you how to cut a quilt into a circle. So I quess now it will be on here.
I used a wedge ruler to help me. I folded my quilt into fourths. and the put the wedge ruler on the fabric and turned it as I cut a quarter circle.
I asked my husband how to make a square a circle and he said to use a string and tie a piece of chalk on one end and mark the quilt.  I did find that info on the web. I read on the web that it is hard to keep your hand steady and mark your quilt at the same time.
So, here is the ruler I used

Great Ruler!
Well once it was cut I cut the back and the batting the same way. Then I had to quilt it. I layered it and made a sandwich. The back, batting, & the top. I used a temporary spray adhesive on each layer to help it stay together. Then I used quilting safety pins to pin it together. I decided to Big Stitch the center. Here is a picture of the back.
I think I need to get better at Photography
I used a red pearl cotton for the big stitch quilting, then I went back to the ruler and used it to mark my lines and then stitched them on the Bernina 830.
I cut my binding strips on the bias and then sewed them together and sewed them on the front and hand bound it on the back.
I love binding it is so relaxing!
Well needless to say I didn't win the challenge. Didn't think I would. You should see how talented the ladies are that are in the Guild. Camille Roskelly came and judged the quilts for us. She is so fun! You can go to the
I wish I would post on here more often. I do have some cute knitting projects I need to put on here. Until next time...