Sunday, March 4, 2012

This is the outfit I made my niece for a fashion show at Quiltique. They had everyone pick a pattern and the fabric to make an outfit for there first Quiltique "Quties" Fashion Show. Andrea & I picked the pattern called "Playdate Outfit" By Carine Gardner. The fabric we picked out was "Kaoki".  Grandma added the purse and the cute sandles. I made the headband using the same fabric flower which was on the top.
I only had one fitting with my niece because she lives in another state but the pattern fit true to size.
Here is Ava at the fashion show.
We had to do a little encouraging to get her to participate but with the help of my daughter, Amy she walked down the red carpet and showed her stuff. She is a handful but so much fun! Thank goodness Daddy showed up also! Whew! What a day!